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Why Electronics Engineering Technology?

The demand of the electronics engineering professionals can be explained from the fact that every industry today like telecommunications, domestic appliances sector, medical equipments, mobile phones, automotive systems and navigational systems requires expert knowledge in electronics domain. Electronic technology focuses on practical aspects of electronics profession rather than mathematics drenched research part of it.

Qualification of an Electronics Technology Professional electronic stores frazer town

Individuals who want to become an technician can go for a 2-year associate degree to make a flourishing career. This degree is basic for the entry level position in the market and you can go for the advance level by enrolling for 4-year course too.

There are many universities and polytechnic colleges which offer the associate degrees for the electronics technicians. But the screw point is that out of these only a few are accredited. Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE), Penn Foster Career School and Grantham University offers accredited courses in this domain

Some universities like Old Dominion University offer bachelor degree in electronics engineering technology. Many colleges also provide you online education facility to learn the hands-on concept in this arena.

Job opportunities for Engineering Technology Professional

Job opportunities are tilted in favor of electronic engineering technician as compared to their degree counterparts. The statistics show that there are 182,000technicians workings all over America as compared to 143,000 engineers. The only pitfall is that the technicians fall below engineers in the work hierarchy and their entry level salary is also low.

The income factor of the electronic engineering technician can be overcome in the long run. The technicians once established can go for 4-years degree course to enhance their skill set and can get a hike in their pay scale. The average salary of a technician in US is $46000 which is quite comparable to that of engineers at $52000.



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